The importance of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is recognised globally. Traditionally, MSMEs were at a disadvantage compared to large corporations, which have the finances to invest extensively. This disadvantage has been exacerbated by digital transformation of the economy, which is now characterised by disruptive innovations. The pandemic has accelerated the digitization further, while the response to the pandemic delivered a fatal blow to many ailing enterprises. It is the need of the hour to realign the business practices of MSMEs to this era of disruption so that these businesses become robust to impending changes that are yet to come. Recognizing this need, IIM Amritsar is initiating the annual International Conference on Management of MSMEs (ICMM).

ICMM 2022 embraces rethinking and realignment of business practices by MSMEs to help them adapt to the disruptive environment.

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