ICMM 2024 invites submission on the theme of “Transformative Pathways for MSMEs: Shaping the Future”. Submissions may include following topics. We also welcome papers on other topics that advances the literature on MSMEs.


Blockchain Technology
Cloud Computing
Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
Cybersecurity, Risk Management Data Analytics
Internet of Things
Entrepreneurial Digital Competencies
Digital Ecosystems
Generative Artificial Intelligence
Digital Platforms

Skilled Workforce aligned with Future Needs
Talent Development aligned with Future Needs
Employee Wellbeing
Employee Engagement
Inclusive Employment (Diversity)
Cultural Shift and Change Management
Performance Measurement
Entrepreneurial Training
HRM practices and Entrepreneurial Performance

MSME and Capacity Building
Agility in MSME Operations
Supply Chain Resilience
Sustainable Operations Practices
Sustainable Operations and Entrepreneurship
Digital Supply Chains and Innovation
Supply chain restructuring
Inventory and Warehouses of Future
Humanitarian Operations
Managing Climate risk and operations
Innovations in logistics and Transportation
Port operations and Navigating congestions
Behavioral Operations
Healthcare operations
Sustainability and Climate Risk Management
Service Operations
Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
Multi-objective optimization
Resource Allocation and Scheduling
Performance Measurement and Productivity Analysis
Machine Learning and OR Applications
Supply Chain Resilience
Lean and Agile Manufacturing/ flexible manufacturing systems
AI applications in optimizing Business Processes
Applications of Industry 4.0, IOTs, and Blockchain Technology
Leveraging analytics in sustainable operations and supply chain management
Managing complex Projects
Decision-Making under Uncertainty

Social Impact
Advanced Digital Transformation
Sustainable Marketing Practices
Customer Wellbeing across Value Chain
Local to Global Expansion
Futuristic Products and Services
Futuristic Pricing and Distribution Models
Enhancing Customer Experience
Increasing Customer Engagement
Marketing – Entrepreneurship Interface

Economic Inclusion, Income Equality
Economic Policies for MSME’s Future
Trade and Globalization Effects
Analyzing Market Structures, Entry Barriers in Future
Assessing MSME’s Future Contributions
Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Role of Fintech in MSMEs
Financial crises and role of micro finance in MSMEs
MSMEs funding, capital structure and corporate governance
Role of Corporate Social Responsibility and ethics in MSMEs
Role of banking and financial institutions in MSMEs
Financial-Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurial Performance

Adoption of Communication Technology
Corporate Communication
Public Relations
Crisis Communication and Risk Management
Entrepreneurial Language and Gestures

Born global firms
Corporate governance in MSMEs
Institutional environment and MSMEs strategies
Open innovation and MSMEs
Strategic approach for MSMEs in the Post-Covid era
Social innovation and MSMEs
Strategic alliance and MSMEs
Internationalization strategy for MSMEs
Strategic Entrepreneurship